Saturday, 9 February 2013

Plan of attack and request for help

So here is the list  of 30 things in one place and a little summary of where I am with each one, in many cases nowhere! Apologises for it being a little rambling!

1.Start a blog to keep track of progress and report back. - doing :) 

2. Read a book every month (or 12 in the year) and post a blog comment about it - still reading book one, I have the next title ready but I need to read quicker!

3. Complete a cross-stitch design every month - I have done 3 :) and just started my 4th so well on the way with this one!

4. Run a reasonable 5km run - I ran 1km this week, so thats progress if very slow. Maybe i shall try to do 1km twice this week.

5. Visit a new city in the UK - not got there yet

6. Go to a rugby game - need to decide on a game and someone to drag along

7. Listen to a new band as recommended by someone else - still waiting for one to be recommended

8. Try a new recipe from my recipe books each month and blog about it - not done but the books are out so  2 this month to catch up.

9. Go to a ballet - nothing yet

10. Go to a Classical concert - same as above

11. Have a facial - maybe for my birthday

12. Track day  - not looked yet

13. Get a tattoo - needs to be a sensible decision and not rushed, advice welcomed!

14. Go to a 20-20 cricket game - I must look at this, anyone want to come?

15. Eat in a Michellin Star restaurant - maybe nearer birthday

16. Get a new qualification - nothing yet 

17. Go on a steam train - nothing yet but more of a summer thing, need someone and somewhere to go

18. Go to Centre Parcs - probably later in the year, holiday booked in June though!!

19. Give something up for lent - crisps, it starts Wednesday!

20. Learn to knit a scarf - going away with a knitter in June so might start then

21. Ride a horse, even if its just a short ride - does anyone know good stables?

22. Do a course of some sort maybe painting or crafting etc - looking at ones at both Hepworth and Yorkshire Sculpture park

23. Go to a craft show or game fair - a work in progress

24. To take more pictures - I now have a flickr site here

25. Eat one meat free day a week - not doing well at this at all, need to try harder, it will be easier in summer when eat more salads

26. To attend at least 6 WYNTV tasks - I tried to go to 1 but cancelled due to snow.

27. Build a sandcastle at the seaside- this might be part of the steam train event or June holiday

28. Attend more talks after work  - not achieved this, maybe IGT seminars as I am hopeful of beer after!

29. Ride my bike - still in the garage

30. And finally work to get my contract extended or find myself a new exciting job. - this is the hands of those above me, but I am beginning to poke them

So I am making progress if a little slow in some areas, the next few weeks are going to be hard as I do love crisps. So if you want to help me achieve one of my targets or have a suggestion of where I could go to achieve it let me know! Leave me a comment, facebook me, tweet me or find me at work! 

I addition this week I got red streaks in my hair as you can see from this photo.