Monday, 5 August 2013

Another 4 crossed off the list!

So a lot has happened in the last month, I have been on holiday to the beautiful North East, staying in Alnwick. Some of the pictures are on my flickr site. We had a lovely time, it was just the horrible head cold I came home with that took the edge off the enjoyment. I have also had an interview for a new job, the interview wasn't a good experience but I got offered the job. The job title is 'Student Education Technology Innovations Officer' I am not sure I like the job title but I am prepared to give it a go.

Task list
1.Start a blog to keep track of progress and report back. - doing :) 

2. Read a book every month (or 12 in the year) and post a blog comment about it  - 3/12 - well I am reading on the train but not making any significant progress. I must try harder!

3. Complete a cross-stitch design every month - 6/12 done I need to get up to speed on this. I have 3 to work on.

4. Run a reasonable 5km run - I am looking at gym membership so I can work on getting fitter, I just need to decide which gym.

5. Visit a new city in the UK - Been to Manchester

6. Go to a rugby game -. - I have achieved this, I went to see Wakefield Wildcats vs London Broncos on Sunday 23rd June, with my brother, his girlfriend and mum. Wakefield won, so a good day was had by all and a new task crossed off the list.

7. Listen to a new band as recommended by someone else - Done

8. Try a new recipe from my recipe books each month and blog about it - I have tried a couple of recipes from the Good Food magazine, I have also just ordered 3 new cook books so hopefully this will help me try some new recipes. 

9. Go to a ballet - there is one on at the playhouse in Leeds but I need to go with someone really.

10. Go to a Classical concert - I might wait until the students come back for the student societies ones

11. Have a facial - I am determined to get this sorted in the next month, I have plenty of holiday to take to get this sorted.

12. Track day  - I have begun to price this up, its not going to be cheap!

13. Get a tattoo - No further along with this

14. Go to a 20-20 cricket game - Had an amazing time at the Cricket thanks to James for organising! The weather was amazing sun hats, sun cream and beer. It went all the way to the last ball and it was a draw!

15. Eat in a Michellin Star restaurant - there are some things I need to work on

16. Get a new qualification - I haven't thought about this one, I will look at this soon.

17. Go on a steam train - I need to get a date sorted!

18. Go to Centre Parcs - Not thought about this one

19. Give something up for lent - completed :)

20. Learn to knit a scarf -The scarf is done! I completed it on the warmest day of the year, I am thinking of trying a tea cosy next. Its very warm and thick, hopefully it will come in useful in winter.

21. Ride a horse, even if its just a short ride - I must email Paul with dates I can do, as time is passing - sorry Paul.

22. Do a course of some sort maybe painting or crafting etc - Learnt to keep bees.

23. Go to a craft show or game fair - Went to Cake and Bake show

24. To take more pictures - I now have a flickr site here

25. Eat one meat free day a week -Really struggling with this and may admit defeat on it!

26. To attend at least 6 WYNTV tasks - So I have been to one social and one task, I helped clear Rose Bay Willow Herb. - I have a few more in the diary so hopefully get to a few more this year

27. Build a sandcastle at the seaside-  I built a sandcastle at Alnmouth beach on my holiday, i even bought a bucket and spade! The sand wasn't the best for building sand castles but i had a go.

28. Attend more talks after work   - this will have to wait until term starts and the seminars begin to start up again.

29. Ride my bike - hopefully if I go to the gym then I can get fit enough to enjoy it :)

30. And finally work to get my contract extended or find myself a new exciting job. - I had an interview and got offered the job, I start on 1st September. I am very nervous that I will be able to achieve but I will do my best. I have 6 months to prove that I am worth keeping. 

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