Sunday, 30 June 2013

The cake I forgot

I wrote yesterdays post in a bit of hurry and forgot to add this cake. I will also add more pics to the flickr site. I will also put a separate post about my dad.

One of my main tasks this last week has been to make a cake for a lady retiring from work after 40 years at the University. The cake I made was a subduction zone, to reflect her area of research and work.  I did a test cake a couple of weeks ago before making the larger final cake. So the cake below is the test cake.

The final cake was alot larger and delivered to the retirement lunch to be cut by Marge. I think she liked it and it was identified as a subduction zone by staff so that was a great success. The large cake took 24 eggs and a full days baking to make, it's 12" square.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

The times, they are a changing.

This is bit a short summary, things have changed a lot in the last month. I was meant to go away but this was cancelled due to Dad being ill. On the 18th June my Dad passed away after a long illness, he had amazing care in his care home over the last 5 years. I will hopefully write a longer blog in the coming week. I haven written something for Dad so I will post that at some point in the future to.

On top of the things listed below, I went to the theatre with some people from the department to see Sherlock Holmes

In summary I have achieved 5 tasks completely and 9 are ongoing. The ones I want to achieve next are - tattoo, cricket and sandcastle building! Then horse riding, facial and steam train. 

Again comments and suggestions welcomed, does anyone fancy the ballet or a classical concert. 

Task list
1.Start a blog to keep track of progress and report back. - doing :) 

2. Read a book every month (or 12 in the year) and post a blog comment about it  - 3/12 - I haven't really done much reading, I think downloading them on to my tabler might help, also I am away for a week soon so I might be able to read more. 

3. Complete a cross-stitch design every month - 6/12 done :) - again i haven't done any more of this.

4. Run a reasonable 5km run - Nope but I have been very tired, so need to slowly build this up. - this is something I need to start on.

5. Visit a new city in the UK - Been to Manchester

6. Go to a rugby game -. - I have achieved this, I went to see Wakefield Wildcats vs London Broncos on Sunday 23rd June, with my brother, his girlfriend and mum. Wakefield won, so a good day was had by all and a new task crossed off the list.

7. Listen to a new band as recommended by someone else - Done

8. Try a new recipe from my recipe books each month and blog about it - . I made a apple crumble cake for the SEE cake club, I think it was a bit of a hit..

9. Go to a ballet - nothing yet - no still failing

10. Go to a Classical concert - same as above -  nope

11. Have a facial - I should just book one, and see if I like it! - Thanks to Sam for her suggestions, I must now book, not sure when I well find the time. 

12. Track day  - not looked yet- not yet

13. Get a tattoo - this I have re-thought and i am going for a tree/branch, I have a name of an artist in Leeds, thanks to Graham so this is progressing.

14. Go to a 20-20 cricket game - Organised with some PhD's from work going to Headingly on 5th July -  this is net friday!

15. Eat in a Michellin Star restaurant - there are some things I need to work on

16. Get a new qualification - I haven't thought about this one, I will look at this soon.

17. Go on a steam train - I need to get a date sorted!

18. Go to Centre Parcs - Not thought about this one

19. Give something up for lent - completed :)

20. Learn to knit a scarf - Scarf is still ongoing but its getting bigger hopefully I will get it finished soon. 

21. Ride a horse, even if its just a short ride - I really need to sort this out, maybe a weekend in August

22. Do a course of some sort maybe painting or crafting etc - Learnt to keep bees.

23. Go to a craft show or game fair - Went to Cake and Bake show

24. To take more pictures - I now have a flickr site here

25. Eat one meat free day a week -I am not very good at this, although I have managed one day and generally only have meat in one meal. 

26. To attend at least 6 WYNTV tasks - So I have been to one social and one task, I helped clear Rose Bay Willow Herb.

27. Build a sandcastle at the seaside-  With the holiday being rebooked I hope to get this one sorted.

28. Attend more talks after work   - nope

29. Ride my bike - still in the garage -  nope

30. And finally work to get my contract extended or find myself a new exciting job. - Well I have applied for y new job, the closing date was friday, so I now just need to get an interview.