Friday, 25 January 2013

It's sewing!

Short update, here is my first cross stitch of the year completed, it will now be turned into a card for someone's birthday. I will start the next one tomorrow,I like the small ones best as they are completed quickly and I don't get bored. 

With how I am getting on with the other tasks not too well yet but I am enjoying my book. I have signed up for 2 MOOC's
The first one is starting next week!, the second one is

Both are work related but should be interesting and educational, plus I get a certificate to prove I have completed the course :)

So the next week is more cross stitch, book reading, starting MOOC, and attending an event after work.

On the running 5km I  have a new Xbox kinect game that will hopefully get me a bit fitter before I start running outside, at the moment it is just too cold, icy and dark. I am also going to start with pictures tomorrow and post them somewhere everyone can view.

Monday, 21 January 2013

The final ten.....

As I am stuck at home in the snow I thought I would work through the last 10 of my aims for this year. Before I started I fed the birds they were very grateful although I am not sure I am too grateful to mum for  taking this picture!

Here goes and this is really hard so they may change if I come up with a better idea!

21. Ride a horse, even if its just a short ride.

22. Do a course of some sort maybe painting or crafting etc

23. Go to a craft show or game fair  - they always look exciting but never get chance to go

24. To take more pictures - I just don't take enough, maybe start with one a day and keep a record

25. Eat one meat free day a week - it might mean I eat more vegetables

26. To attend at least 6 WYNTV tasks - I have become lazy and haven't been to as many as I should

27. Build a sandcastle at the seaside -  I know this is childish but age is just a number 

28. Attend more talks after work - I might learn something!

29. Ride my bike- its been in the garage for nearly 2 years, i should use it at least once!

30. And finally work to get my contract extended or find myself a new exciting job.

So that's all 30, hopefully I will get to December having tried some new things, achieved things and had fun doing it. This blog will be my record of the year and I will hopefully blog every time I complete something or work towards one. 2013 isn't going to be unlucky its going to be an adventure.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

New additions..

Its snowing! So I am adding to the list rather than venturing out. I have had some further suggestions to add to the list. I have to thank my brother and his girlfriend for their suggestions and their attempt to bankrupt me in the process!

11. Have a facial - never had one and want to see what the fuss is about, I might link this to a spa day or trip to Centre Parcs

12. Track day - I do love my cars, so thanks to Tom and Laura for the suggestion

13. Get a tattoo - Not a big one so don't panic, it might be so small that it looks like a freckle but can say i have one!

14. Go to a 20-20 cricket game - hopefully at Headingley

15. Eat in a Michellin Star restaurant

16. Get a new qualification - this will probably be work related but it might encourage me to actually do it.

17. Go on a steam train

18. Go to Centre Parcs

19. Give something up for lent - thinking crisps, it's going to be a massive as I love them

20. Learn to knit a scarf - I open to pattern suggestions etc, I have never knitted before but like the idea of making something I can wear

The first book on the reading list is The Million Death Quake. Yes I am a geek but I love science and particularly rocks and the earth. I want to know why the planet is the way it is and how it works. I will report back on what I think once I have finished it. 

And finally......

I need 10 more things to do, I will add the last 10 things to the list at the weekend, but I am very much open to suggestions.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

The list begins ....

So as I turn 30 this year I thought I should mark this milestone in some way. It could have been a party, a trip away or something more drastic, it might still be one or all those things. But after my friend Paul Hughes shared his list (Paul's list) of this to attempt in 2013 I thought that maybe I should aim a little higher. So (with a deep breath!) I am going to attempt to do 30 things this year, this will include some single events, some things I must do repeatedly. So to start the list here are my first few things, I am open to suggestions from all ..

  1. Start a blog to keep track of progress and report back.
  2. Read a book every month (or 12 in the year) and post a blog comment about it
  3. Complete a cross-stitch design every month - sad but I enjoy it
  4. Run a reasonable 5km run - I have never knowingly run 5km
  5. Visit a new city in the UK
  6. Go to a rugby game
  7. Listen to a new band as recommended by someone else
  8. Try a new recipe from my recipe books each month and blog about it
  9. Go to a ballet - never been so worth a look
  10. Go to a Classical concert - hopefully I will become more cultured!

So those are the first 10 things, I want to finalise the list by the end of the week. If anyone wants to help contribute to the list or help me cross any items off, then I am open to offers.

I want to update the blog at least once a week with something I done, even if it is just booking an event. I hope by the end of the year I hope to have met lots of new people, tried new things, be fitter and more cultured but ultimately happier.

Wish me luck!