Friday, 25 January 2013

It's sewing!

Short update, here is my first cross stitch of the year completed, it will now be turned into a card for someone's birthday. I will start the next one tomorrow,I like the small ones best as they are completed quickly and I don't get bored. 

With how I am getting on with the other tasks not too well yet but I am enjoying my book. I have signed up for 2 MOOC's
The first one is starting next week!, the second one is

Both are work related but should be interesting and educational, plus I get a certificate to prove I have completed the course :)

So the next week is more cross stitch, book reading, starting MOOC, and attending an event after work.

On the running 5km I  have a new Xbox kinect game that will hopefully get me a bit fitter before I start running outside, at the moment it is just too cold, icy and dark. I am also going to start with pictures tomorrow and post them somewhere everyone can view.

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