Thursday, 17 January 2013

New additions..

Its snowing! So I am adding to the list rather than venturing out. I have had some further suggestions to add to the list. I have to thank my brother and his girlfriend for their suggestions and their attempt to bankrupt me in the process!

11. Have a facial - never had one and want to see what the fuss is about, I might link this to a spa day or trip to Centre Parcs

12. Track day - I do love my cars, so thanks to Tom and Laura for the suggestion

13. Get a tattoo - Not a big one so don't panic, it might be so small that it looks like a freckle but can say i have one!

14. Go to a 20-20 cricket game - hopefully at Headingley

15. Eat in a Michellin Star restaurant

16. Get a new qualification - this will probably be work related but it might encourage me to actually do it.

17. Go on a steam train

18. Go to Centre Parcs

19. Give something up for lent - thinking crisps, it's going to be a massive as I love them

20. Learn to knit a scarf - I open to pattern suggestions etc, I have never knitted before but like the idea of making something I can wear

The first book on the reading list is The Million Death Quake. Yes I am a geek but I love science and particularly rocks and the earth. I want to know why the planet is the way it is and how it works. I will report back on what I think once I have finished it. 

And finally......

I need 10 more things to do, I will add the last 10 things to the list at the weekend, but I am very much open to suggestions.

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  1. Good luck! Don't get a tattoo when you're drunk ;-)