Sunday, 30 June 2013

The cake I forgot

I wrote yesterdays post in a bit of hurry and forgot to add this cake. I will also add more pics to the flickr site. I will also put a separate post about my dad.

One of my main tasks this last week has been to make a cake for a lady retiring from work after 40 years at the University. The cake I made was a subduction zone, to reflect her area of research and work.  I did a test cake a couple of weeks ago before making the larger final cake. So the cake below is the test cake.

The final cake was alot larger and delivered to the retirement lunch to be cut by Marge. I think she liked it and it was identified as a subduction zone by staff so that was a great success. The large cake took 24 eggs and a full days baking to make, it's 12" square.

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