Friday, 31 May 2013

Better late than never

So its over a month since I have posted, so this is going to be a long and rambling one.

So since my last post I have turned 30, become a bee keeper and learnt to knit!

Learning to knit....
I attended a one day course on learning to knit at a little shop in Leeds called Baa Ram Ewe. It was a brilliant day and it meant I got to have lunch at Salvos. I learnt the basic skills including make some bunting. I am currently working a big fluffy scarf here it is partially finished. The next project will either be a tea cosy or a woolly hat. I know its summer, but based on the speed I knit it will be ready for winter! Not sure I work quick enough to make people gifts.

Birthday trip
So this year I turned 30, for my birthday I went out for the day to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The current display is amazing, the pictures don't do it justice. After this we went for an ice-cream they were huge!! The day ended with Hull being promoted to the Premiership a pretty good Birthday. Tom and Laura have offered to take me on a Steam train as part of their birthday gift, so that's another challenge in the process.

Narrow Boat Trip
I went on a Narrow Boat trip with some of my colleauges from WYNTV, it was a little grey and wet but good to catch up with friends. I made a lemon and lime yoghurt cake for this trip!

Bee Keeping

At work we have 3 bee hives, I attended a 2 day course with Bradford Bee keepers. I loved it! The weather was brilliant, the people helpful and the bees were amazing. I am now going to help with the bees at work and then maybe look at getting a hive nearer home next summer.

Other tasks

Over the last month, I have also been to Harlow Carr (pictures on hyper link) gardens for mum's birthday and lunch at Betty's Tea room. I have got tickets to go to T20 cricket with people from work. 
I went to a Clandestine Cake Club event, there were 23 cakes to taste all with a drink theme - it was cake for dinner. I also made a 4 layer toffee cake for my birthday, a ginger, rum and lime one,  a berry cheesecake and a number of cupcakes for a meeting at work! 


Well I think that's it, my holiday to Alnwick has been delayed due to my Dad's poor health, but over the next month I hope to try and get my bike out.

Task list

1.Start a blog to keep track of progress and report back. - doing :) 

2. Read a book every month (or 12 in the year) and post a blog comment about it  - 3/12

3. Complete a cross-stitch design every month - 6/12 done :)

4. Run a reasonable 5km run - Nope but I have been very tired, so need to slowly build this up.

5. Visit a new city in the UK - Been to Manchester

6. Go to a rugby game - Need to work on this one.

7. Listen to a new band as recommended by someone else - Done

8. Try a new recipe from my recipe books each month and blog about it - Tried a new cake recipe for cake club and a peanut butter and banana muffin recipe, a 4 layer toffee cake and a lime,lemon and yoghurt cake. So that 5/12.

9. Go to a ballet - nothing yet

10. Go to a Classical concert - same as above

11. Have a facial - I should just book one, and see if I like it!

12. Track day  - not looked yet

13. Get a tattoo - needs to be a sensible decision and not rushed, advice welcomed, thinking stars or butterflies.

14. Go to a 20-20 cricket game - Organised with some PhD's from work going to Headingly on 5th July

15. Eat in a Michellin Star restaurant - nothing planned

16. Get a new qualification - Need to work on this one, failed at MOOC just not enough time.

17. Go on a steam train - Tom and Laura have offered to take me, so just need to book a date.

18. Go to Centre Parcs - probably later in the year, 

19. Give something up for lent - completed :)

20. Learn to knit a scarf - See info above, learnt to knit, scarf in progress!

21. Ride a horse, even if its just a short ride - Going to do this with my friend Paul from Newcastle.

22. Do a course of some sort maybe painting or crafting etc - Learnt to keep bees!! See above

23. Go to a craft show or game fair - Went to Cake and Bake show

24. To take more pictures - I now have a flickr site here

25. Eat one meat free day a week - Must try harder!

26. To attend at least 6 WYNTV tasks - Although i have been to one social event, I am hoping to go to a tas this week at Nostell Priory.
27. Build a sandcastle at the seaside-  Holiday cancelled, hope to go soon..

28. Attend more talks after work  - tried but got ill so couldnt go, need to try harder

29. Ride my bike - still in the garage

30. And finally work to get my contract extended or find myself a new exciting job. - this is begining to change but still waiting for something to apply for.

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