Sunday, 3 March 2013

Book one complete and a few other things

So I have finally completed reading my first book..

And I can honestly say I enjoyed it and learnt a vast amount about earthquake history and the issues associated with predicting them and protecting people from them. I think if you want to better understand complexities of earthquakes then read this. It isn't too heavy for the none scientist but does not dump down the subject, a good popular science read. So I now have a copy should anyone want to read it. Next up is 'How Leeds Changed the World', and work appears on the first page :). The Afar project that Tim Wright and Jacqui Houghton among others have worked on, appears on the first page.

I have also been busy baking for various reasons but tried 2 new recipes one for scones and one for millionaires shortbread. The millionaires shortbread went down so well first time I have made 2 batches!

I have also found a new band to listen to thanks to my Twitter friend @ebookslearning , she has introduced me to 'The Hold Steady'. I really enjoyed them and they are now part of my Spotify playlist.

Also this week I am attending 2 after work talks given by staff in the department so I feel I am slowly achieving some of my targets, I have completed another cross stitch(number 4), it can be seen in my flickr account .

I haven't managed to attend any WYNTV tasks yet but I hope to attend a couple of socials includiing a trip on a steam train! (it will be another task complete).

I have been working through tattoo ideas,but my next couple of weeks will be taken up by designing and building a Comic Relief cake for work.

Thanks to Lisa and Fiona for all their helpful suggestions! I am 2 months down and 10 to go but I probably need to get planning, especially on the cricket and rugby front. So if anyone wants to come? or invite me along. I am open to offers :)


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